March 29, 2009

welcome ninjas!

meet our new ninjas,yippie!!:
we are sooo happy as they let us 'curi' their lovely pictures,hihihi :P and we really like to thank to all of them for their supports on our handmade pixel-art, monkey+banana,yay! :D

happy hugs and million kisses for feez,superumi,liyana and all other ninjas!!


*feel free to mail us your picture? come on! yayy! :D


Journalist said...

Haha arnie tak tau mcm mana nak posing dengan those pixel, then letak je kat board tu so tiap2 hari boleh tgk haha.. Hye people i'm a ninja now ok! so watch out! Aiyya!

monkey+banana said...

olooo..tak pa! haaa,lagi bagus! nanti tiap tiap hari u tengok,mesti ingat kat i kannnn... hihihihi :P

beware of liyana!
she's a ninja now,haiyaa!

feezs said...

i'm a ninja now:D
beware ppl!!!!

monkey+banana said...

yeah,feez is a monkey+banana's ninja now!
haiyaaaaa!! wiii!! :D