July 8, 2009

*open for orders!*

Harro ninjas and future ninjas!!!
it's been a long time since we posted the bye-bye post below ait? so, we are writing this now because we have a good news for all of you - the captain will be back for her short semester break,yayyyyy! :D
which means -
monkey+banana is taking orders now!!!

so hurry up! as we will close the orders on
July 24th and we will post all of your adopted pixels before the captain left the hometown again!

*for any customized pixels orders,do mail us a.s.a.p because we might not be able to make it due to short time. sorry :(

any question? -


May 11, 2009

*on break*

harro harro!
just to let you know,monkey+banana will take a break starting from May 15th (friday), as i'll be leaving to shah alam to futher my studies. monkey+banana will be not taking any orders until further note. so do take care and wish me luck! i'll be back soon with more pixels to be adopted!

*for those who are interested in adopting monkey+banana,do place your order before the date stated above ya?*

be nice and see you soon! :D

captain monkey+banana


*click it to enlarge*

we love our sister in shopping!
a million thanks to A Shopaholic's Den!

May 4, 2009

tinkerbow *NEWEST DESIGN*

5 pieces available
*others accessories are not for sale,sorry!

i love bow! everyone loves bow!
this bow will bring up colours to a plain white bag or a plain white dress!

RM8 each

*love it in another colours? email us! we can customize it for you! :D


say hello to our new gold keychain,yayy! :D

now we are upgrading from plain silver keychain to the new gold keychain! just add o.6o cent, and this gold keychain will be attached to your pixels,yayy! :D


welcome ninja!

meet one of our new ninjas,

a big thanks to you,lily for supporting monkey+banana!
million hugs and kisses for you! we love love love you!


March 31, 2009

thank you thank you thank you!

we would really like to thank to our sister in shopping,
A Shopaholic's Den!

for this time,our candy-POP! is being reviewed by her,yippie!
we are sooo happy when we viewed our favourite sister's site and found our candy-POP! there,wiii!!
thanks again dear and hug hug hug! :D


March 29, 2009


1 set available // 1 set reserved

“Let’s go to the playground, POP!,”said the candy.
“okie dokie,let’s have some fun under the happy sunshine, wi!,”replied the POP!.

You can have some fun and play under the happy sunshine like candy-POP! too! only rm15 per set,wow!
Rm15 including:
candy (with pin attached to it)
POP! (with ring attached to it)
silver necklace

psst: this is the 1st time we produce a set of happiness including necklace! Hurry up!! :D

welcome ninjas!

meet our new ninjas,yippie!!:
we are sooo happy as they let us 'curi' their lovely pictures,hihihi :P and we really like to thank to all of them for their supports on our handmade pixel-art, monkey+banana,yay! :D

happy hugs and million kisses for feez,superumi,liyana and all other ninjas!!


*feel free to mail us your picture? come on! yayy! :D

February 25, 2009

yippie yay yay!

Hello dearie ninjas!
Once again,we are being reviewed by the greatest sister in shopping,
A Shopaholic's Den
yay!!! :D

A big thank you to A Shopaholic's Den. We are really honored to be reviewed by you.
Hugs and kisses for A Shopaholic's Den!


February 23, 2009

you complete me

2 pairs available
one for you, and one for me!
This is the perfect toy for you and your beloved,

“when we are together, I am perfect,
when we are apart, I need you, because
you complete me”

RM12 per pair

*shhh,,,the monkey’s captain has stolen one pair of it. only few pairs left,hurry!!

February 12, 2009

we're A happy monkey!

we are being reviewed by A Shopaholic’s Den!
thank you so much!
it is an honour to be reviewed by them,
monkey+banana loves you!


welcome ninjas!

meet our new ninjas!
aziemah,pocik,nuha,nisa and nana :D
we are so happy when they agreed to send us their pictures with their customized pixels!

thanks a lot you guys,especially aziemah for introducing monkey+banana to your dearie friends.
monkey+banana love you!!

hugs and kisses for them!


February 2, 2009

captain monkey *SOLD OUT*

this is the first time we created the trademark of monkey+banana,yay!
it's super exclusive, as it has the gold rings attached to it,wow!
adopt them now :D

Rm6 each

wear it as a necklace:
rm11 (gold)
rm13 (silver)

*we can make it as a mobile strap/keychain too!

January 27, 2009

a cup of tea,

**we will updating with more super cute designs a.s.a.p**
thanks for all your supports, we love you!!


welcome ninjas!

hey hey hey, thanks to our new ninjas,
anis diyana *she sent her cute lil' brother's pictha to us, we bet she's cute too :D
a zillions thanks to them, and hugs***!! =D
we love u guys!! you're rocks!

we are more than happy when we have new members in monkey+banana's family,
so what are you waiting for?
be a part of us, and dig a cup of happiness! yay! :D


December 30, 2008

my little bunny *SOLD OUT*

rm5 each

you can have it as a necklace for

December 29, 2008

welcome ninja!

thanks to our cute little ninja,aya for adopting monkey+banana!
we love you,aya!! :D

we are super happy when she sent us this cute pictha :D

oh ya,
if you are searching for any cute scarfs or bags,
do visit her online boutique:
and you will find so many cute stuffs there! :D


December 16, 2008

to ninjas and FUTURE-ninjas

hello there!!
monkey+banana is taking new orders now,,
so do fill in the form (at the bottom of the blog)
we will reply to confirm it a.s.a.p


say cheese! camera

3 pieces available

RM8 each

as a necklace:

RM13 (gold)
RM15 (silver)

December 14, 2008

Kitten's Mask *SOLD OUT*

rm6 each

you can have it as a necklace for

December 12, 2008

welcome ninja!

Thanks to our new ninja,aziemah for adopting monkey+banana!
You are now officially one of our ninja,haiyaa!
monkey+banana hugs you,aziemah!

xoxo from us to you! <3

*to all of our ninjas, we are welcoming you to send your pictures wearing monkey+banana,so that we can introduce you to all,just like aziemah! :D

December 4, 2008

wanna be a rockstar? (brown) -part 2

4 pieces available

rm7 each

you can have it as a necklace for

wanna be a rockstar? (pink) -part 2

4 pieces available

rm7 each

you can have it as a necklace for

November 26, 2008

my robot-COP

3 pieces available
hi ninjas!!
there's a group of robots had just landed to our planet,
grab them before they return to their planet back! :D

there are 5 robots available

mix of happy colours

true colours

there're rings attached to it,

so it can move it,move it!

it can be worn as a pendant,wow! :D

rm15 each


November 25, 2008

we are back! :D

we are back,
and this time, we will create a lot of new designs,yay!

for all the new designs,
they are limited as we will only created 5 pieces for each design
so that all of our ninjas will not have the same monkey+banana,
so yay again! :D

do stay with our upcoming updates ya?


hug and kisses from,

October 14, 2008

we'll back soon :D

harooo to all the ninjas!

for your information, monkey+banana is not going to take any orders from now until the end of november.

we will start taking new orders starting
1st December 2008
(don't be sad,we'll come back with many new designs!)

this is because of our SPM examination is only around the corner.,
so we have to be well prepared for it!

wish us luck ya?

we'll miss you!!!

monkey+banana :)

August 20, 2008

planet banana's, welcome!

Hi there!

The pixels from planet banana have just arrived and they are bringing happiness for us :D

ADOPT them before they return to their planet!

an army of happy soldiers

ninja’s turtle

my ginger man

my love


* scroll down to look and them



August 19, 2008

an army of happy soldiers


they fight for happiness!
Come in various different colours, wow!

rm5 per 2 pieces *super cheap!*

ninja's turtle

5 pieces available for both colours

anyone should have a sidekick,
this is the perfect one!

rm5 each

as a necklace:

rm12( silver)