March 29, 2009


1 set available // 1 set reserved

“Let’s go to the playground, POP!,”said the candy.
“okie dokie,let’s have some fun under the happy sunshine, wi!,”replied the POP!.

You can have some fun and play under the happy sunshine like candy-POP! too! only rm15 per set,wow!
Rm15 including:
candy (with pin attached to it)
POP! (with ring attached to it)
silver necklace

psst: this is the 1st time we produce a set of happiness including necklace! Hurry up!! :D


rifa said...

i want this one.
how to order eh?

monkey+banana said...

hi rifa!
yeah,the candy-POP! is still available,yippie! :D

to order,
just simply fill in the form at the bottom of our blog and we will reply a.s.a.p!

Nidal said...

nice work.

monkey+banana said...

thanks nidal! :D