February 23, 2009

you complete me

2 pairs available
one for you, and one for me!
This is the perfect toy for you and your beloved,

“when we are together, I am perfect,
when we are apart, I need you, because
you complete me”

RM12 per pair

*shhh,,,the monkey’s captain has stolen one pair of it. only few pairs left,hurry!!


julietANNA said...

i want this!
one reserved for me!

Anonymous said...

babe. knape u ta buat mate yg grey tu pndang yg blue tu. msty lagy sweet ~

monkey+banana said...

hi anna!
okie,no problemo!
i'll reserved a pair for you!

hi babe!
aah la!
thanks for the suggestion!
i'll do it for the other 4 pairs!
thanks a lot!!!

*actually dear, it is white transparent, :)

Journalist said...

WAa lawa la arnie!
Nak! Nak! Tapi tunggu gaji lah!
Hehee :)

(malu je)

monkey+banana said...

terima kasih liyana!

hihi,,takpe-takpe :)
sama la kita,saya pun tunggu gaji untuk bershopping,haha!

. p i s e y . said...


tp beli nak bagi kat sape eh?